Corneal Eye Research
Leading the way to curing blindness,improving overall vision.
400X image of electrospray illustraing Taylor Cone & Jet detail. Evaporation of the spray solvent leaves behind the electrospun fibril.
A variation of electrospray includes CAC research into electrospinning, a method where nano fibers may be created. The creation of specialized collagen polymer nano fibrils can be utilized to replicate the human cornea, yielding unprecedented improvements in vision and alleviating world blindness. CAC is currently in discussions with two of the world’s largest opthalmic companies to fund further research.

Additional research is underway to apply collagen thin films to ophthalmic use both in vitro and in vivo.

US & World-Wide patents pending.
Scanning Electon Microscope (SEM) image of native human tissue corneal collagen fibrils.
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