Chemical & Biological Counter Terrorism
How CAC is detecting weapons of mass destruction

Selected Chem-Bio Electrospray Collection-Detection Using MIPs

Electrospray collection of weapons of mass destruction, such as Anthrax, is currently being funded by the Office of Naval Research for the USMC. Dipicolinic acid contained in Anthrax has been successfully detected using laser interrogation of lysed spores on “witness plate”.
CAC colleagues at Virginia Commonwealth University have demonstrated the successful use of Molecularly Imprinted Polymer (MIP) detection will be combined with electrospray collector in studies funded under USMC & National Academy of Science.
MIPs are synthetic antibodies; permiting
antibody-antigen like interaction

This will yield an increase or decrease in fluorescence depending on given polymer and given target species
Surface of an MIP is filled with a plurality of voids that are indicative of the shape of the molecular species the MIP is designed for surface adsorption.
Emission Spectra of Dipicolinic Acid from Anthrax spore in MIP.
Fluorescence of aerosol particles collected using electrospray gettering apparatus
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